technology in education

From Dark to Light! Part I

‘Cautiously Optimistic’ – For years I ridiculed this ludicrous phrase contending that it really had no meaning in the world of authentic language and yet here I am reflecting… And using this nonsensical phrase to describe my own feelings..

About 6 months ago, TCDSB rolled out a program like none other of its kind to grade 7 teachers and their students across the city.  Each grade 7 teacher was to receive a new laptop and each cohort was to receive a mobile cart, projector, wireless networks and 10 netbooks.
This rollout effectively took the TCDSB from the dark ages of technology to the forefront of its integration into the classroom. Lucky enough to be a contributor to this rollout, I was privy to the throes of this project’s developments and challenges, slowly causing me to become… cautiously optimistic!

Stay tuned for more as I share the challenges and successes of this incredible project.