student success

3 Paths to Your Students’ Success

1. Know them as Learners:

Now don’t shy away from this because it sounds obvious. Really, the idea behind this point comes as two key notions. First is that utter trust and belief that you should have that each of your students are genuinely interested in learning. And even more importantly they are actually VERY interested in learning about themselves. All educators should see their students in that light… And be sure to provide their students with opportunities not just to learn about the curriculum, learn about their interests but most importantly – to learn about themselves.

2. Know them as Contributors;

In the 13 years of teaching across all grades and panels I have yet to meet a child that does not genuinely want to contribute in some way. They may seem resistant to you but I would challenge every educator with the question: What opportunities to you provide your students to contribute? And how often?

More important than providing the opportunity to contribute – take the time to show them that their contributions are valued. This will eventually lead to the coveted ‘risk-free’ environment that innovation and creativity so badly need to thrive!

3. Know them as Relationships.

By far the most important factor in learning has less to do with content knowledge as much as it does the relationship between teacher and student. Though last on this list it is absolutely the most important. It is also last on this list because it is very hard to achieve unless you have provided opportunities for them to learn about themselves as well as opportunities to contribute.

You see, regardless of your personality type, your learning environment will foster a growing relationship because of a respectful, risk free environment in which your students will thrive. Your students will find themselves drawn to your teaching and most importantly they will be drawn to you.