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A Teacher’s Union Disrupting Online Ed

How a Teacher’s Union is Changing the Game of Online Learning in Ontario

These are busy times… and the speed of new technologies, access to information and split-second decision making only make things busier and busier. Whether you are a teacher of 25 years or just newly hired, a young parent with children or an empty-nester, time is a premium and many say the most valuable currency.

Despite these demands, when it comes to professional development, some way, somehow teachers always find a way to fit it into an already full day. The drive to continue to learn and apply new information to the classroom has always made teachers life-long learners in every sense of the word, yet Additional Qualifications providers rarely acknowledge the need to mitigate stress and promote the well-being of their teachers… until now.

OECTA always seeks to improve the teacher experience which has led us to disrupt the typical AQ pathway by offering Modular AQ’s. 

Introducing OECTA Modules for Additional Qualifications or Professional Learning

In a world that’s continuously accelerating and pulling us in different directions, teachers in Ontario and all over the world, have been given an option to take full courses in smaller, manageable bites.

Understanding that life-balance and well-being are integral to all teachers, OECTA Modules respect time constraints, budgetary concerns and most importantly the need to balance personal and professional life. The teacher can take one fifth of the course, at a time, over a six-week period.

Unbundled Learning

More and more, consumers are demanding the unbundling of preset product packages so why shouldn’t teachers have unbundled professional learning opportunities? Modular AQ’s unbundle full courses and offers them as ‘Just Right, Just in Time and Just for You” packets to all teachers.

In the United States and to a lesser degree in Canada, there is a growing movement towards Massively Open Online Courses or MOOC’s. In fact, MOOC’s have garnered so much attention that studies are being conducted globally to determine how they have disrupted traditional tertiary education.

Though the mechanics of the module and the massively open online course are similar, at their core they are very different.

Your Needs, Your Choice

Modules come accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers. If you take five modules in the same course you will receive accreditation for that one course. In essence, a teacher can choose to complete a course in one session or break the course up over 2 years. Imagine how that releases stress and anxiety on those who wish to continuously develop!

OECTA also offers modules that have no bearing on additional qualification status. In fact we have embraced the idea that teachers would like to take professional development courses out of interest and desire for their own learning. In these cases teachers can take a module without worrying about completing the assigned tasks in order be officially credited, rather a certificate of completion would be issued.

The Association has always been committed to professional and in the face of an ever evolving profession, and in light of ever changing tides module offerings demonstrate just how incredibly passionate the Association is about respecting its members, it’s members’ workload, and importantly its members’ professional development needs.

Take a module with OECTA and feel the difference and learn at your own pace!

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