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 If you are looking for ways to present activities or better yet, a new, multimedia way for your students to submit their work, try Blendspace. Formerly known as Edcanvas, Blendspace is about a 15 minute learn for a novice. Find all of your resources online whether documents, videos, pictures, links, quizzes or tests and simply drag them onto a canvas and organize! This is one of the best resources of 2013 hands down.


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives



This site has been one of my staples for the last 5 years and counting. Simple, effective and easy to use, it houses many mathematical simulations to help students visualize concepts to help them answer questions about mathematical theory. Easily used with a mouse, touch screen, interactive whiteboard or even tablet (except for the iPad) this site has a minimalist 3-click depth that will keep you engaged and ready to learn. A 10 out of 5 stars if possible!

Slide Shark





For those of us caught between two realities – Microsoft’s and Apple’s, Slide Shark allows us to use PowerPoint’s full presentation functionality on the iPad. A rare find that keeps most if not all of the animations and elaborate tweaks in PowerPoint, I have tested it time and time again with success. If you are a PowerPoint faithful, but an iPad convert – try this – you’ll like it! You can download the app too.






Consider motivating your students with a different sort of mind-mapping software. Hundreds exist online and in the App store, but this site drew my attention because it literally took me 5 minutes to learn how to use. Try it on all platforms, all tablets and all smartphones and you will understand why. It only receives 4 stars because to get full functionality it costs but once you try it out – you may consider it. You can download the app too.





CK-12 Flexbooks come from the CK-12 Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide universal access to free, high quality text books. Though American, I’ve gone through subject after subject, chapter after chapter and have only found useful and current lessons.  These text books also feature live links to YouTube, web resources and flash objects for manipulation online. Take a peek – the publishers are on notice thanks to movements like this.




Looking for a quick way to collaborate online without registering your email? Liveminutes is a fantastic tool for classroom students to collaborate in real time without registration.  Share documents, a white board, maps and videos (soon). You can even share your camera and mic! Simple, effective and works.. Set up is incredibly easy so try it in your classroom for group projects, then have your students use it at home or have your staff hop on for a quick remote meeting.


Lose yourself and your class in the National Film Board of Canada’s highly engaging and interactive exploration of the Great Lakes, Waterlife. With literally hours of content, this site can enrich any class that investigates water, the Great Lakes geography, trade, shipping and environmental concerns.  There are simply no weaknesses in this presentation – the music is chilling and the imagery is breath taking.





Worthy of 10 stars out of 5, Flawed is a National Film Board of Canada production that is perfectly suited for secondary Media Studies, Healthy Living Courses and even grade 7 & 8 Health class.  A deep look at what it means to be ‘flawed’ this engaging presentation is wrapped with beautiful music and glorious art. 6 minutes in length means it is a perfect introduction to a very important topic.





Have you ever thought about accepting work as MP3 instead of written form? Audacity is a great tool for podcasting and very easy to learn and use. Download and enjoy.  I offer a support tutorial for first time users here: Introduction to Audacity. (Thanks to CT) 

 is easily one of the best websites out there that engages children in a highly interactive,colourful and musical manner.  Easy 5 out of 5 stars.  Click on the logo and go straight to the site for your first experience.






Make this site your first stop for any and all information about Assistive Technology in the classroom!