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DatalyzeMe: So.. How in the world am I supposed to review an app I designed myself? Bottom line – a lot of thought went into this app. A touch controversial, it begins by asking the user to take a survey based on Learning Styles. Then the user logs their favourite subjects and the ones that they had the most trouble with. They can generate a chart based on those logs.

The user can also log how their time is spent, create a nightly graph and even generate a weekly graph to Pin, Tweet or FB. They also have the ability to generate a weekly report that explains what their priorities are based on how they spent their time! It takes less than 5 minutes to use and becomes such a powerful tool!  The user can also collect reward badges for every milestone they reach for logging! (This feature coming end of March!)







Zite: A great competitor to News 360 with a twist. Zite Magazine can actually customize its content based on your preferences. In other words, the more you read, the more it will cater to your interests. A vast and deep source of content and current information, Zite can provide any classroom with fuel for intellectual fires that can last a lifetime!








Book Creator: When it’s time for my Kindergartner and I to sit down for some reading time, we often decide to write a book together instead. Create stories and post them in your iBook library that will make your child feel like a conjurer of mystic places and exciting stories. Redefine ‘quiet’ time as ‘creative time’ both at home and in the class.








Jing by Techsmith: Hey wait a minute, this isn’t an iPhone app! I couldn’t resist showcasing one of the most useful applications for PC or MAC for screen recordings or screen captures.  With a 5 minute max recording time, this little app ensures that educators say what they need to say concisely. Prep, record, publish to YouTube and VOILA – a digital library of tutorials for your students to reference when needed. Best of all – it’s free!








Teach Me Kindergarten This app has a great mixture of numeracy, literacy and problem solving for all curriculum applications. It harnesses an aesthetically pleasing reward system that allows young users to collect coins to purchase pets, stickers, posters and more.







Dragon Dictation:  For any student that has a hard time putting their thoughts in writing, this free app will transcribe your voice with near perfection! One you’ve finished, simply email or text then copy and paste what you’ve said into whatever application you want.







Lose It!: An app for anyone who wants to eat healthy and maintain fitness.  A great project for phys. ed classes or kinesiology, personal training and fitness.  This app is a wonderful tool that helps you keep track of your caloric intake.  A great start to fitness awareness.