A Flipped Unit Outline

Slope Unit Outline – November 28th and 29th –

Danielle’s first go at a flipped classroom looks like the plan below.  The students will be taking home ‘kits’ to help them prepare for application and consolidation of skills at school the day after. Danielle will introduce the lesson briefly, guide the activity then move around the room to discover which students engaged with the take-home kit the night before.

Below are the first three days.

Date School Work Homework

November 28th

Introduction to the idea of the flipped class and Cartesian Plane Review

Introduction to the Ontario Educational Resource Bank

Online scavenger unt – conducted in the library lab

1. Watch the Cartesian Plane VIdeo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSVBEIuU-Vo&feature=feedu

2. Complete the handout (Labeling the Cartesian Plane)

3. ILC Learning Object about the XY plane.www.homeworkhelp.ilc.or

4. Get the Point – start activity.

November 29th    

Consolidating the Cartesian and Introduction to Slope

The Cartesian Plane – Consolidation:

1. Get the Point Activity and self-assessment;

2. Consolidation of XY Plane review and problem solve in groups.  

What is Slope? Take Home Kit

1. View  http://plaza.ufl.edu/youngdj/applets/slope_examples.swf

2. Students may also view: http://www.mathopenref.com/coordslope.html

3. ILC Website – Interactive Tutorials – Slope Calculation Parts 1 and 3 ONLY.

4. Guiding Questions Handout:


How does the first application calculate slope? 

-What does it mean when the rise is positive?  Negative?

What does it mean when the run is positive?  Negative?

What is slope a measure of? When do you think slope is used in the real world?

5. OERB Learning Object: ELO1325840?

6. Challenge:


November 30

Consolidating Slope and calculating rise/run;

Finding Slope;

Introducing Slope formula and simplificationo

Slope – Rise/Run

1. Measuring Slope Activity – Centres, rulers measuring slope around the classroom and school;

2. Consolidation: Discuss steepness, negatives and why they are important; Given an endpoint, find another point using slope;

Practice text questions.

1. Subtracting Integers Video:  http://youtu.be/C38B33ZywWs           

2. OERB Learning Object: ELO1033400

3. Simplifying expressions (My video with accompanying  practice questions)

4. ILC Website àInteractive Tutorials à Slope Calculation parts 1 – 3


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