Wrong Kind of Resistance

Resistance to change is never a good thing, but in my case, I have encountered a new type of resistance – resistance to taking it easy! After speaking with my grade one teacher – who by the way has brought another grade one teacher on board, it became abundantly clear that the grade one classroom could stand to be flipped despite its already natural state of inverted teaching. In other words, Ryan thanked me for the compliment but still insisted that a grade one could do more!

So… we dialogued back and forth about what the home environment could look like during a flipped project and even what the classroom lesson would look like. In the end I asked Ryan to move away from flipping a skill such as beginning reading and move towards the understanding and application of new content – for example inferencing.  Ryan and his teaching partner insisted that an element of sequencing stories also be present in the lesson so between the two ideas – sequencing and inferencing – we have the meat and potatoes of a lesson dedicated to flipping a grade one classroom.

Stay tuned for more…

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