Delving Into Secondary

A very enthusiastic admin team arranged for time to meet with two teachers from Blessed Mother Teresa about flipping their classroom.  Both Avi and Danielle walked into the meeting with open minds and one could see their wheels start turning as we spoke about the idea.

Without a doubt, both teachers were approaching this from unique perspectives.  Avi, a Health Sciences and Healthy Living teacher was looking for new ways to engage his students.  Having taught an open course for the past few years, he knows that students are not always keen to engage in the material prescribed by the curriculum.  Avi’s enthusiasm and curiosity have made him the perfect champion for a flipped classroom experience. 

Avi’s partner in this project, Danielle, is a math teacher who takes the delivery of curriculum extremely seriously but is also looking for new ways to enhance student engagement.  Danielle’s approach is cautious and closely connected to a majority of teachers’ views on technology: She is eager for progress but does not want to jeopardize student learning in the process. 

After close to two and a half hours of dialogue, I believe that both Avi and Danielle’s creative juices were beginning to flow – I was beginning to see that they were developing ideas of their own as I threw my own ideas down on the canvas. I left excited and I hope they were left with as much as well.

Next steps: Awaiting teacher units for the flipped plans.



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