Flipping a Grade 1 Would Make it Right Side Up

I woke up this morning at around 2:00 and came to a not-so-stunning revelation that a grade 1 classroom is already flipped. Although the trending definition of flipping a classroom has a large element of learning at home via video or online learning objects, the crux of the flip is really about how the teacher spends time in class with their students. Is the teacher standing and lecturing or is the teacher moving around to the students engaging in conversation about what they have learned, how they have learned and how they can apply that new knowledge? I think the answer is pretty straight forward. Most, if not all Kindergarten to grade 1 classrooms are already flipped – already hands on, already having the teacher as a facilitator and motivator not a lecturer. The goal for the grade 1 class will then become the seamless integration of technology in the classroom and bringing parents on board with resources at home.


I will now begin planning for a unit about Slope for grade 9 mathematics as well as Heat for grade 7 Science.  The teachers are starting to eat this up!

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