The Flipped Classroom Framework

I have outlined the framework for the project below. Initial meetings are taking place this week at three different schools.  I have chosen Grade 1, Grade 7, Grade 9 and Grade 11.  The subject areas will be chosen this week as well.

 Overall Expectations:

  1. To meet with teachers interested in the project and design a workflow that encompasses meetings, lesson delivery, data collection and summation of data;
  2. To work collaboratively with teachers to create lesson plans that incorporate the ‘explore at home, solve at school’ ideology that stems from the idea of the flipped classroom;
  3. To provide support for teachers in the delivery of the curriculum as they adapt it to a technology-driven experience;
  4. To follow up on delivered lessons and observe student learning and progress in the flipped classroom environment.
Proposal of Meetings (Virtual or Face to Face):
Initial Meeting:
·         To discuss the subject area/class in which the flipped classroom will take place;
·         To choose specific themes, lessons or units that will be used to flip the class.
·         To set a schedule of meeting dates for follow up;
·         To set a date of delivery of the lesson and determining how many lessons (maximum of 3 with support);
·         To establish a form of data collection;
Cycle 1
Meeting 1:
·         To plan the lesson;
·         To plan how to assess the delivery of the lesson;
Meeting 2
·         Lesson 1 delivery;
Meeting 3:
·         Lesson follow up (virtual meeting)
·         Data Collection/Assessment
Cycle 2 – see above
Cycle 3 – see above
I would like to provide support for 3 full cycles – this includes 3 meetings each per teacher. If the teacher wishes to continue beyond, I hope that the infrastructure already developed within the school can provide ‘first touch’ support.


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