Blended Learning and the Flipped Classroom

As curiosity from friends and colleagues builds it becomes abundantly necessary to clearly define our flipped classroom model. Though I am confident that we can see this project through and determine its benefits, the idea of blended learning seems to continually be creeping into all of my conversations and this is where the definition needs to be established.

Those of us that have been involved with e-learning for a long time have always believed blended learning to be the evolution of online learning – a delicate mixture between independent learning and guided learning under teachers observance can only lead to great educational benefits! For a flipped classroom approach to be objectively evaluated, we must avoid over-prescribing content for our students. We simply cannot afford to miss the opportunity to find out how our students learn from the web independently! In this context, I suggest starting with using the blended course as a jumping point.

Take a peek at this teacher’s explanation of a flipped classroom through his use of podcasting. YOU ONLY NEED TO HEAR THE FIRST 2 MINUTES…


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