Technology and the Flexible Teacher

What does the teacher of the 21st century really look like?

You’re lucky because I’m going to give you a perfect description of the educator today.

The idea behind the 21st century educator relies on one very important characteristic: adaptability. The on-going trends in technology and the changes in media have caused teachers across North America and in Europe to struggle to keep up, but the real idea behind it is not to struggle with mastery of each tool, but rather to develop a sense of adaptability and readiness to accept new tools.

The spells doom for those unfortunate teacher candidates that look at teaching as a fallback profession.  The industry is now demanding a character trait that does not come easy to someone who does not take the profession seriously. It shouldn’t be a news flash that our students are asking – demanding – new ideas around learning, collaborating, self-checking, publishing and most importantly – contributing to the learning environment.

As the profession evolves it will take itself from the decrepit stage of ‘stand and lecture’ to a period in which the profession will morph into a leader in the industry of change itself.  Only the versatile teacher will survive the trends of change dictated by technology and the speed of technology that affects our industry so effectively. This, therefore put the onus on pre-service programs within the universities and colleges to create a program or a curriculum that addresses that very need: to develop a teacher that is flexible, adaptable and versatile.  This is not a new breed of educator – just a refined one.

Is that you?

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