Start Smart – Going Paperless – Level 1

Go paperless key on a computer keyboard Understanding that pedagogy should always come first, there is something to be said about having a simple goal to start. For example, perhaps you can choose January 2017 as your ‘Go Paperless’ month.


Why January? (Assuming it’s October)

1. It gives you time to learn about the tool you will use

2. It gives you time to practice without consequences

3. It gives you time to try it with 4 or 5 students as a test

4. January is shortened due to vacation days, so less stress on keeping it up for the first time.

Which tool will you use? (Ask which tool is sanctioned by your district)

1. Google Classroom

2. Office 365

3. Brightspace (D2L)

Start by posting a permission form for an upcoming trip and see how that goes.