3 Reasons Why it’s the Perfect Time to Take An OECTA AQ for Technology in the Classroom

FallAQcourse2Teachers looking for an opportunity to learn at a pace that respects their style of learning have a wonderful opportunity to do so with OECTA’s Integration of Information Technology in Classroom Instruction Part 1. The course was designed with the beginner in mind and deeply explores simple tools and simple integration for anyone willing to try. For those that are ready for a challenge, our IITCI Part 2 looks at more complex tools and marries that learning with research and deep pedagogy. (Our specialist has not been released yet but its focus is on leadership development, system roll-outs, research, pedagogy and change theory.)

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should take one of our AQ’s about integration of technology.

Reason #1 – Total Support in an Online World

Much of the feedback that we have received about the course has been about how flexible, patient and encouraging our instructors are. Offering many opportunities to connect via email, texts, phone calls and online webinars, our instructors have proven that they are willing to go the distance to make your first foray into technology enabled learning a positive one. We have had many participants taking the course who had never taken an online course before and found themselves to be very successful.

Reason #2 – Real World Application

The course content was designed to work in your classroom, period. There are hundreds of fleeting fads and tech trends that sweep through our schools everyday, but the approach to technology used in our courses focuses on skill development and a broad view of how any tool can be used in a pedagogically sound way.

Reason #3 – Government Subsidy is Now Available

Technology & Math Subsidy

As of November 2015 OECTA is able to offer a $450 subsidy for Ontario teachers in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers upon completion of our Integration of Information and Technology in Classroom Instruction and Mathematics courses while funds remain, so be sure to register soon.

There is no better time to take first or second steps into the world of technology enabled learning than now. As course designer and former instructor I can say with great confidence that you will enjoy the course from beginning to end.

Come join us for a new online learning experience!