A Message to Students! 3 Keys to Your Success

I posted this to my other site: DatalyzeMe.com – as part of my APP Development experiment.  I guess my own inquiry is: Do my priorities as a teacher really matter to the students we teach?

1. See Yourself as a Learner:


I know that school is not always a priority in your world, but once upon a time you were curious! Curious to know how things worked and why the world is the way it is..  As you get older you tend to change your priorities from trying to find out the how and why to just managing all of the who’s, what’s and where’s! The bottom line is that you still have that Learner DNA inside you. Learning doesn’t always have to be about what you do in school. That’s the beauty of it! Start with learning about yourself. Start with getting to know what you love to do, what you are not that great at and what you would like to learn. If you start with yourself, you will begin to see that the outside world will begin to help you learn just about anything that you want.

2. Believe That You are a Contributor

ContributingI have coached basketball, volleyball, swimming, track and cross country and would never have been successful without my team’s advice and input about strategies, practices and even the way we communicate. This communication is VERY important in the classroom too! Your ideas are important! It doesn’t matter if they are not chosen or if they seem strange to others! You are young and if you exercise your imagination, you’ll have so many ideas that it doesn’t matter which ones get used and which ones don’t. Think of yourself as ABUNDANT with ideas and inventions. Believe that you can contribute from your strengths to any conversation or project. Believe that you are a contributor.

3. Know You Are an Important Relationship.

You are IMPORTANTThe most incredible experience of life is knowing that you are a part of something gigantic! You mean something to someone! Your parents, friends, teachers, brothers and sisters… whether times are good or times are rough, you are an important part of your relationships. As you learn more and more about yourself, you will understand how to work inside each and every one of your relationships. The hardest part is having the confidence to be yourself and not somebody else.


Begin with these: See, Believe, Know – and incredible things will happen from here on in!