Why Develop an App?


The DatalyzeMe App

I still find it funny that most of the software out there has been developed by imaginative people who have found a scratch that needs to be itched. Now that isn’t really funny, until you THINK about where the innovation comes from in relation to who it is supposed to serve. My first ever attempt at creating an app was developed from the teacher’s eye  to test it against the trends of the market at large.  I guess the question I really want to ask is: "Do the things that I value as a teacher really mean much to the rest of the world?" or better yet: "Are the youth really that interested in their own learning?" The reason I ask these questions is because the app  is solely developed to create a self-awareness in each and every student about who they are as learners. If the app fails then I have failed to understand the priorities of our youth…


I have only begun to change that perception  for them.

Can’t wait to find out – Stay tuned..

12 weeks on the market – 520 downloads  so far…


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